Traffic Advisor Arrow Stick TL299

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    MODEL: TL299
    LED: 162 LEDs
    WORKING MAX POWER: 104 Watts
    FLASH PATTERNS: 48 kinds standard flash patterns + 8 kinds left arrow flash patterns, 8 kinds right arrow flash patterns and 2 kinds slit double arrow flash patterns.
    LIGHT SOURCE: Gen 3rd 1W LED
    MATERIAL: PC lens, Aluminum housing
    LED COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
    MOUNT: Permanent mount
    WARRANTY: 1 year
    PRODUCT LIST: 1 set (include TL299 Arrow Light, TA-7L switch box and screw bag)
    PACKING SIZE: 1010*70*60mm,4.5kg


    1. Specifically designed for constuction and traffic advising purposes.
    2. Supper bright visibilityand top quality, withlong lasting LEDs.
    3. Low profileand extremely slim.
    4. Directionallights combine into a full traffic arrow units. “Flash mode”is for switching directional modes to arrow modes.
    5. 48 kinds standard flash patterns, 8 kinds left arrow flash patterns, 8 kinds right arrow flash patternsand 2 kinds slit directional flash patterns.
    6. Three level flashing speed adjustment.
    7. Simple operation, with our new control switch panel TA-7L which has excellent hand feeling buttons, backlights and LED light indication.
    8. Easy installation, mounting bracket included.
    9. Excellent waterproof performance with waterproof plug, waterproof grade IP66

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