Police Vehicle Siren SLS-171

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    Model: NEW SLS-171
    Rated Voltage: DC12/24V
    Working Voltage: DC 9-16V/18V-32V
    Current: ≤3.6A
    Power: 100W/150W/200W
    Weight: 3.0 KG
    Qty: 1 PC
    Warranty: 1 year


    1.Monolithic integrated circuit in steadier performance

    2.Tone characteristic:WAIL1,WAIL2,YELP,H-LO1,H-LO2,PIERCE.

    3.Can control the siren , lightbar and expanded lights.

    4.Support traffic advisor function.

    5.Can set up and store your favorite modes .

    6.Voice enlarges:Speaker sensitivity 50mv,output volume can be adjusted.

    7.Have the indication lights about the lightbar flashing modes.

    8.Support the external triggering function of steering wheel.

    9.Have the media amplifier function.

    10.Warning sound volume adjustable.

    11.Tones are ready to be customised.

    12.Double-color backlight indicator adapts night operation.
    13 .Polarity protection.
    14.A new tone program is designed to improve the warning efficiency in an all-round way.

    15.Designed with new tone procedures. comprehensively improve warning effectiveness.

    16.Microphone priority: all other siren functions pause when microphone starts talking.

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