Spike System LZJ-A8b

20 years Manufacturer of led warning lights, sirens, speakers and spike strips.

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    MODEL: LZJ-A7b LZJ-A8b
    BODY SIZE (DEPLOYED): 716cm(L)×27cm(W)×6cm(H) 830cm(L)×27cm(W)×6cm(H)
    BODY SIZE(CLOSED): 56cm×48cm×6cm 61cm×48cm×6cm
    QUANTITY OF SPIKE: 165pcs 185pcs
    WEIGHT (WITHOUT CASE): 7.16m 8.3m
    AVAILABLE LENGTH: 5.60kg 6.25kg
    SHIP PACKING SIZE: 60.5cm×53cm×10cm 566cm×53cm×10cm
    SHIP GROSS WEIGHT: 8.45kg 10.35kg
    SPIKE MATERIAL: 304 Stainless steel tube
    THE SPECIFICATION OF SPIKE: 4.5cm high * 0.3cm in diameter
    BRACKET MATERIAL: Supper tough nylon PA66
    NYLON CORD: 8m
    SPARE PARTS: 1 holder for fitting the spikes, 10 tubes with TPE cap, an English manual


    1.The spikes are 45 mm long and 3 mm in diameter. The lower part of the tip is fitted with a rubber ring to ensure a secure fit. The tip is protected by a rubber cap that protects the operator from injury.

    2.Spare non-stepped slat for PRB and PCS stopping band.

    3.790 cm working cord for Police Road Block. Cord length allows comfortable and safe handling.

    4.The spike length is sufficient to puncture the tires of most road vehicles, including buses and trucks.

    5. Police Road Block can be fully serviced by one person, including in the field, even on the ground.

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