Visor Light SL4T-SV

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    LENS: Linear 4 tubes
    LED: 4 LEDs
    POWER: 4 Watt
    FLASH MODE: 32 kinds
    LIGHT SOURCE: Gen 3rd 1W LED
    MATERIAL: PC lens, ABS housing
    LED COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green, Purple
    MOUNT: Have 3 large suction cups for stabilized mounting.
    WARRANTY: 1 year
    PRODUCT LIST: 1 set (include SL4T-SV Visor Light with cigar plug)
    PACKING SIZE: 170*150*60CM,0.5KG


    1. Use 1W Gen-3 LED tube, Total 4pcs LED tube;
    2. High brightness, low consumption, long service time;
    3. 3. 32kinds of flash patterns with memory recall.
    4. The flash patterns and power are controlled by two easy to use switches on the adapter while a convenient memory recall function allows you to keep the light always on your favorite flash pattern of choice.
    5. Mounted along the top edge of the windshield, these slim, durable lights remain out of sight and completely hidden to the passive observer.
    6. 6. Colors: Red, blue, green, amber and white.
    7. 7.inconspicuous black circuit boards improve the unit’s camouflage, and multiple color options make these visor lights suitable for all professions across all states.
    8. Truly plug-and-play, No need for drilling, wiring, or modifying
    9. Each part can be used individually.

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