Emergency Led Dash Lights SL681

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    MODEL:  SL681
    FLASH PATTERNS:  15 kinds of flash patterns
    MATERIAL:  Aluminum base
    LED COLOR:  Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green 
    LENS COLOR:  Clear
    INPUT VOLTAGE:  DC 12V / 24V
    POWER:  32W
    DIMENSIONS:  490mm L*88mm W*59mm H
    MOUNTING:  Screw
    WARRANTY:  1 year


    1.With state–of-the–art optical design and general 3 LEDs the light delivers high brightness signals from vehicle to vehicle in a wide range.

    2.Easy flash pattern selection from the touch-off button on the back of light.

    3.High intensity suction cups positions and quantity are selectable on bracket according to windshield glass of different gradients .

    4.Dual portion flashes in each module enables more flexible flash patterns from a compact size.

    5.Lights should can be adjusted in different angles with anti-loosing mechanical design on both ends for firm fixing against vibration.

    6.Have 19kinds of flash pattern, with cigarette plugs, flash pattern momery.

    7.Aluminum housing easy to cooling.

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