Ambulance Blue/Red Lightbar TBD06126-1


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    MODEL: TBD06126-1
    MODULE: Gen-I 512pcs LED
    LIGHT SOURCE: Gen 1st led tube
    MATERIAL: PC lens and Aluminum base
    LED COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
    COVER COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
    Certification: CE, IP65
    LENGTH: 1200mm L*385mm W*205mm H
    MOUNT: Permanent mount or Bracket with hook for roof mount
    POWER: 60Watt
    WARRANTY: 1 year
    PRODUCT LIST: 1 set (include led lightbar TBD06, siren CJB-100AD ,hook or screw mount)
    SHIP PACKING SIZE: 1240×390×300mm


    Cover: made of imported high-strength PC
    Base: made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
    LED color: LED lamp color can according to customer needs
    Flash pattern: 25kinds of flash pattern to choose, Pattern memory.
    Cable: With 4 m cable be used more than 10,000,000 times.

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