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    MODEL: TBD06126
    MODULE: Gen-I 512pcs LED
    LIGHT SOURCE: Gen 1st led tube
    MATERIAL: PC lens and Aluminum base
    LED COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
    COVER COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
    Certification: CE, IP65
    LENGTH: 1200mm L*385mm W*215mm H
    MOUNT: Permanent mount or Bracket with hook for roof mount
    POWER: 60Watt
    WARRANTY: 1 year
    PRODUCT LIST: 1 set (include led lightbar TBD06, siren CJB-100AD ,hook or screw mount)
    SHIP PACKING SIZE: 1240×390×300mm


    1.Imported from Taiwanchipwhich is big with high quality, high light efficiency LED tube . 

    2.The welded plate could be sealed double sides to avoid missing solder to make the LED dark . 

    3.The field-effect transistor insides is from America to keep long life span. 

    4.There is reflective mirror part in the LED module to make the light flash extremely.

    5.Aluminum extrusion for good heat dissipation.

    6.The material of middle top cover is 304 stainless steel .

    7.The cable is with high quality ,it has passed CCC and UL.

    8.The lens cover imported from Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH 2805. good water proof,dust proof efficiency

    9. Polycarbonate lens cover, red, blue, amber or clear lens color is available

    10. Easy maintenance and module replacement

    11. With or without speaker inside, it’s by your choice

    12. Imported capacitors inside, controlled by compositive micro-chip

    13. Good for: construction, tow trucks, plow trucks, roadside traffic management

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