Silicone Handhold Controller Electronic Siren Slim Speaker CJB-100RD-A

1.With high power and high fidelity sound quality.
2.The siren consists of a siren block itself, a control panel with a microphone.
3.Controlled by single chip microcomputer, the frequency is stable.
4.Operating board with background light function.
5.There are three sets of lighting control functions.
6.With external trigger function, when the siren is turned on, howling, screaming and siren can be started from the steering wheel horn, which is convenient for the driver to operate.
7.Have the function of memory.
8.Conforms to the CE standard.
9. With two light controllers. It is more suitable for the car have lightbar on the top roof. When the driver use the siren, he also can control the lightbar without any other controller.
10. 100W, 150W, 200W for your choose.

Model Number:CJB-100RD-1
Life span:50,000H
size:25X21.5X15.5 cm
Warranty: 1 Year


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