Tow Truck LED Light Bar For Emergency Vehicles High Efficiency TBD09926-22a

Security Vehicle Amber Strobe Lightbar Led emergency light bar use in Armored Cars (TBD20926)
Emergency EMS Police Flashing light bar LED Warning Lightbar with Aluminum top base
1.New design shape for superior 360 degree light spread.
2. Gen-3 1W 4LED Front/Rear modules with 22 modules.
3. LED s rated to 50,000 hours of operation.
4. Easy maintainence and lamp replacement.
5. Take downs and alley lights are available LED.
6. 15 kinds of flash patterns and pattern memory.
7. Available with traffic advisor option.
8. Aluminum extrusion for heat dissipation.

Model Number: TBD 09926-22-4a
Voltage:12V or 24V
FLASH PATTERN: 15 kinds of selectable flash patterns
WARRANTY: 1 year
LENGTH: 1200mm

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