1200mm LED warning lights for emergency vehicles , 66W light bars TBD23926

Good waterproof Aluminum cover led amber warning lightbar for Ambulance Fire Truck vehicle
Aluminum Linear 88W LED Warning Lightbar for forklift
1.For this kind of lightbar,you can also choose the color of the shell,Aluminum orginal color or black,is it more characteristic.
2.According to your requirements,if you need the lightbar with siren&speaker,we can also do it,100w.150w siren&speaker are all available.
3.the length of the lightbar,we can design the lightbar of different lengths according to different models of the vehicle.such as 1m,1.2m,1.5m etc.
4.You can also select different shape of the light blocks.

Model Number:TBD08926
Voltage:12V or 24V
FLASH PATTERN: 15 kinds of selectable flash patterns
WARRANTY: One year
LENGTH: 1200mm

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