Magnum stinger tyre deflation with Nylon Oxford Box Emergency Solution LZJ-10

Multiple Police Road Block stop strips can be bolted into one long belt to block wide roads. The Police Road Block is designed to tilt the spikes directly against the wheel when the wheel hits the belt for ideal tip penetration into the wheel. The weight of the car breaks through the rubber protective cap of the tip and the air leaks out of the tire.
1.The spikes are 45 mm long and 3 mm in diameter. The lower part of the tip is fitted with a rubber ring to ensure a secure fit. The tip is protected by a rubber cap that protects the operator from injury.
2. Spare non-stepped slat for PRB and PCS stopping band.
3.790 cm working cord for Police Road Block. Cord length allows comfortable and safe handling.
4.The spike length is sufficient to puncture the tires of most road vehicles, including buses and trucks.
5. Police Road Block can be fully serviced by one person, including in the field, even on the ground.

Model Number:LZJ-A7b

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