resistant LED Warning Light Bar With Speaker for Police Car TBD22926

Classical Strobe LED Emergency Light bar with Siren and Speaker TBD04126
1200mm LED Warning Strobe Light bar Ambulance Lightbar with Siren Speaker
1.This lightbar has been engineered for a 360-degree lighting output with an aerodynamic, low-profile design.
2.This lightbar features an Polycarbonate housing and a fully sealed and weatherproofed flasher, guaranteeing that your light will be bright and clear to withstand all extreme weather conditions.
3.This lightbar comes with a 13 foots wire harness and universal mounting brackets for easy installation, and can also be hardwired to your existing switch box.and a variety of safety features that get the job done.
4. 20 led modules of Gen-Ⅲ LED lights with extreme high brightness, single LED power 1W, reliable performance and long service life .
5. Non-fading transparent cover made by Covestro Makrolon® 2805 Polycarbonate materials(from Bayer Material Science)
6. Waterproof seal were between the cover, it also has a cushioning and shock-resistant effects.

Model Number: TBD04126
Voltage:12V or 24V
LED COLOR: Red, Blue, Amber, White, Green
WARRANTY: One year
LENGTH: 1200mm

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