DC 12V / 24V Electronic Siren Speaker Big Hand Operated for Car CJB-100AD

1.100 Watt amplifier.
2. With high power and Hi-Fi tones.
4.Micro-chip control and steady frequency. 
5. Novelty structure, attractive design, excellent, excellent performance, complete function, convenient operation.
6. Aviod exposure to siren sound outside of vehicle
7. Sirens are essential in helping first responders including firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers do their jobs quickly and effectively.
8. With two light controllers. It is more suitable for the car have lightbar on the top roof. When the driver use the siren, he also can control the lightbar without any other controller.
9. Priced affordably, this police siren is ideal even for the most price conscious budgets.
10. 100W, 150W, 200W for your choose.

Model Number: CJB-100AD
Voltage:DC 12V
Power: 100W
WARRANTY: One year
Weight: 3.0 KG

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