8W LED Rotating Beacons Magnetic for Forklifts TBD345-LEDIII

1. Low Profile and compact design, Clean and simple look. Screw less Structure.
2. 12/24v operating voltage input can choose.
3. Quality and reliability. Designed to provide superior light output and maximum visibility
4. Meets IP67 international protection standards
5. Synchronization of multiple beacons under different wiring modes.
6. -30℃ ~ +65℃ extreme temperature reliability
7.The bottom of the strobe beacon incorporates an aluminum alloy for increased heat conduction and heat dissipation. Easily installed or uninstalled with permanent mount, screw or magnetic mount(utilizing a cigarette plug)
8.The flash patterns can be customized

Model Number: TBD345-LEDIII
Voltage: 12V / 24V DC
Power: 8W
Ambient Temperature:-30~+65℃
FLASH PATTERN: 19 - 23 kinds flash pattern

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