7m Foldable Stinger Spike System for Emergency Vehicles Checkpoints LZJ-A7a

Police Road Block is a special vehicle designed for security forces and armed forces to puncture the vehicle's tires to stop, while providing a gradual escape of air from the tires. It allows a very fast damming of the road as well as a quick cleaning of the track from the track to allow the passage of fighter vehicles.
1. Police Road Block is fitted with 165 hollow stainless steel tips. The spikes are 45 mm long and 3 mm in diameter. The lower part of the tip is fitted with a rubber ring to ensure a secure fit. The tip is protected by a rubber cap that protects the operator from injury.
2.The Police Road Block stopping belt has a 790 cm working line attached to the belt with a carabiner. Cord length allows comfortable and safe handling.
3.The basic construction of the belt is a grille of flexible plastic, which is connected with stainless steel screws. The working length of the belt at full deployment is 470 cm, the effective length for use exceeds 7 m. The belt construction comprises ten (10) fields of eleven (11) prongs.
4.Strong spare transport box for PRB
5. Total set including carrying case and other spare parts.
6.Police Road Block should not be exposed to external influences in the long term (weeks). Police Road Block is reusable.

Model Number:LZJ-A7a
PACKING SIZE(mm):620*140*540

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